Working with Rebecca is focused and productive; however, it is also surprising and refreshing. The fact is, those two elements just don't happen much in the business world today.

She leads by inspiration and can navigate the maze of ‘what might be’ and lead you unerringly to ‘what needs to be’.

Rebecca can help you identify the path that will work best for you. She will then help you identify the skill set you need to get the job done. She will help you develop those skills. And then encourage you to have the confidence to get the work done. It’s a terrific way to help you move forward and still feel that you have honoured your own path.

I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca in both large and small group situations and her leadership style is both people focused and results focused.

Rebecca has the rare ability to lead people by standing behind them and asking them what they think is the right way, confirming and shaping the direction and then allowing them to share the satisfaction of the achievement. This allows people to work on their own initiative, take ownership, and feel empowered.

Harry Scott, Director, Dolphin Creative Pty Ltd, Brisbane