I have had the pleasure of working together with Rebecca as my manager for five years and not only is she an amazing and inspiring individual, but as a leader, she is remarkable.

Joining her team, Rebecca lead by example and I believe is a person who fits the ideal definition of a great leader.

By identifying my strengths and weaknesses, Rebecca coached me and provided opportunities where I could learn and develop my skills, use my initiative, identify opportunities and take ownership in what I was doing.

As a result, this gave me the confidence to achieve bigger and better things. Rebecca has a unique and rare quality where for example, on the most difficult project or challenging day, you’d leave having a conversation with her feeling empowered, inspired, focused and motivated to climb over any hurdle, put things into perspective and turn it into a positive outcome.

Rebecca was never a person of hierarchy within the team and treated each person as equal and focused on their strengths (but also develop weaknesses/areas of improvement) to achieve an outcome.

The respect and reputation that Rebecca had across the business is a true testament to her work ethic, reliability and honesty and anyone who has the opportunity to work together with Rebecca will be instantly transformed to become not only a better person, but a true leader that will positively influence anyone around them.

Director of blend76 communications and multimedia and Communications Advisor

Victor Scorsis, Director, HASSELL Limited, Melbourne