What can I say, I feel so motivated and positive.  The way I feel makes my job so much better.  No stress, no negatives and my job is a pleasure.

Everything we covered with Rebecca was exceptional; all questions we asked were answered easily and understood, which to me is very important.  Rebecca clearly knows what she is talking about and I have every intention of practising what she has taught us.  I am looking forward to the next training session with her.

Rebecca has a great gift for making the hardest situation, the easiest. It all seems like common sense only because of her outlook and her way of expressing the information to us.  What I have learnt from her clearly applies to my work position and it also will be put into place in every other area of my life eg. relationships with family and friends.  The experience with Rebecca was truly a gift and I recommend her to any workplace.  She is a marvel.

Thank you Rebecca.

Mary Mittiga, Call Centre Supervisor, Arthritis South Australia